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Negative attitudes or discrimination against someone based on a distinguishing characteristic such as a mental illness, health condition, or disability.

  • Barrier to perinatal mental health care.

  • Stigma reduction​.

Barrier to perinatal mental health care

Stigma is a barrier to perinatal mental health care.


"Oh well, I think there’s plenty, I mean I think there’s a huge stigma about feeling depressed particularly postnatal depression​."​

Evidence level: ​High

​Parts of the care pathway affected: Decision to consult, Assessment, Decision to disclose, Referral, Access to treatment, Provision of optimal treatment, Women’s experience of treatment​.

Key literature: ​

Shakespeare J, et al. 2003

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Stigma reduction​

Research suggests public mental health campaigns can increase knowledge about mental illness and improve attitudes about people with mental illness. 2

A UK based example was Time to Change:


NHS Mental Health Campaign focused on raising awareness of perinatal mental illness and reducing stigma for perinatal mental illness.

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